With HP and the HP TouchPad, the surprises just keep coming.

The HP TouchPad was discontinued back in August, when HP had a firesale and sold off the originally $500 tablet for $99. Sales of the tablet had been sluggish until then. At $99 – sales took off, making the TouchPad the number two best-selling tablet after the iPad for 2011. HP made one final manufacturing run of the discontinued tablet. And got itself a new ceo.

HP-TouchPadPart of the understanding upon purchasing the $99 HP TouchPad in the firesale was that the product was discontinued. It would no longer be supported. Word was out that even the operating system that the TouchPad ran on, WebOS, would be discontinued as well.

Even after the announcement that, rather than kill off WebOS, HP would make it open source, it was still understood that the TouchPad was unsupported dead-end ware.

Or so we thought. In October, the discontinued tablet got an update to WebOS 3.04. That was all good and fine, but we figured that would be the last of the updates from HP.

But we figured wrong… Just a few days ago, our HP TouchPad announced through its screen that another update was ready for download. WebOS 3.05. The update, which updated our TouchPad over wi-fi with no difficulty, is reported by HP to include:

– enhances Email and Calendar core functions
– improvements the video calling experience
– improvements to the stability of watching videos in the Web app
– improved handing of certain MP3s
– when typing, pressing the space bar twice inserts a period
– support for HTTP Live Streaming

HP did not say if this was the final update or if they would continue development on the software for the discontinued tablet.