HTC Flyer Now $99 – But Where Can It Be Found?

HTC Flyer Now $99 – But Where Can It Be Found?

The HTC Flyer Tablet PC, which is Best Buy’s version of the HTC EVO View, in wifi rather than 4G, is now on sale for $99! However, availability is already an issue.

The HP TouchPad firesale, which led to a huge run on the TouchPad tablet, continues to have huge ripples in the tablet industry. After that sale proved that there is a huge HTC-Flyerdemand for tablets at low prices, Amazon launched their own branded tablet, the Kindle Fire, for $199.

Best Buy quickly followed with an announcement of their own – the price on their own branded version HTC EVO View, called the HTC Flyer, was permanently reduced from $499 to $299. But apparently that wasn’t enough to spark sales – so now it’s on sale for $99.

$99 definitely appears to be a price point that consumers can get behind. The HTC Flyer is already listed as ‘sold out’ on Best Buy’s website. Best Buy is the only authorized seller for the HTC Flyer, so that leaves HTC Flyer owner wannabes with the task of searching for the Flyer tablet at local stores.

Thanks goes to Consumer Press reader Terence for the alert on this!

Do you know where HTC Flyer’s are still available? Sound off below!


Best Buy now says the HTC Flyer is not on sale for $99. However, it is still listed on their site for $99, though is ‘sold out’. And CP readers continue to write in saying they bought it for $99. Keep an eye on Consumer Press as this develops.


A bit more info on the HTC Flyer sale that didn’t really happen.

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