I just finished watching, and laughing at, Bill Burr’s newest special on Netflix, “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way”. If you’re a fan of his, and even if you aren’t, this black-and-white stand-up act is one of his funniest sets to date.

This 80 minute special is packed with Burr’s cynical humor, taboo topics, and jokes that you can’t help but laugh at – while still feeling a bit unsure if it’s okay to laugh (it is). His frank way of telling it like it is, combined with speaking his jaded mind on topics that affect him, has made Bill Burr one of the best comedians right now. The material is fantastic, and he’s at the top of his game with this special.

His fourth stand-up special for Netflix, Bill Burr delivers his own tactless, and hilarious, point of views on women, religion, the over population of the earth and how “85% of you have to go”, the NFL draft and why it’s pointless to watch, and his love of helicopters.

Definitely not a special suitable for all ages, it will surely entertain any grown up that doesn’t easily offend. I recommend this to anyone who even remotely enjoys Bill Burr, and to anyone who hasn’t seen much of his stuff before. He doesn’t disappoint.

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