Innexis BC6, New Life For An “Old” Bose SoundDock

Back in 2008, I bought a “cutting edge” sound system for my family room.

It was a Bose SoundDock and I was able to play music from my new iPod.

The songs sounded absolutely wonderful and I was completely pleased with my purchase.  Not long after, however, I bought an iPhone 3GS, and then an iPhone 4S.  With these newer devices, the SoundDock still worked for playing music, but it wouldn’t charge the device.  This was a mild annoyance.  It was starting to look like I might need to ditch the Bose and get something more advanced for my newer iDevices.

I began looking at the Jawbone Jambox and other Bluetooth-compatible speakers and a few other options, but I was not excited about shelling out a few hundred dollars for what I viewed as an simple upgrade to my present system.  After all, my Bose SoundDock still sounded amazing.  It just was not ready for today’s devices.

Then, I found it.  I stumbled upon a youtube video of someone talking about upgrading their SoundDock to make it Bluetooth-compatible.

I thought this was far-fetched, but upon further research, I found the Innexis BC6 upgrade kit.  This $70 kit includes everything you need to change your circa 2008 Bose SoundDock into a full-fledged Bluetooth speaker.  Multiple iPhones, iPads, iPods, PCs, Macs, etc. can all play music on it and it sounds as wonderful as ever!

As far as the difficulty of install, if you have ever installed RAM on a computer, you can handle this upgrade.  In addition, there are tons of online videos and help documents available.  I most certainly recommend this upgrade.

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