Intriguing Details Leak Out About Rumored Apple TV

Following up on yesterday’s story about an increase in the buzz concerning a possible Apple TV in the making, more details are being leaked about the rumored (so far) device.

Canada’s The Globe And Mail is reporting that the Canadian companies that Apple has provided prototypes to say the Apple TV has not only Siri voice assistance, and not just remote access through iPhone and iPads, but also gesture control. Gesture control is still in its infancy, but it’s possibly the next big tech revolution. Can you imagine no longer having to look for a remote? With just wave the hand you could turn the TV on, off, or change shows. If the leaks are true and 1) there’s an Apple TV in the works and 2) it works well with gesture control, perhaps Steve Jobs’ prediction that an Apple TV would revolutionize the TV industry may come to fruition.

The Apple TV prototypes are also reported to feature video chat and an on-screen keyboard for doing searches of for updating social networks via voice and gesture. The TV’s were also described to be, in appearance, much like giant iPads.

Still no word, of course, on when an Apple TV might actually make it to the market. At this point it’s all rumors and leaks. But these rumors and leaks are certainly intriguing to think about.

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