iOS 6.1.2 20th February There are 2 things that the tech world will be looking forward to on 20th February.

One of them is the PlayStation Meeting 2013 event, where Sony is expected to announce the PS4 and its details.

The second thing that might happen, which would be big for the iOS world, is the release of iOS 6.1.2.

The rumor comes from the German blog iFun. They say Apple is expected to release a maintenance update, which is going to fix the Exchange bug and the lock screen vulnerability, both of which were recently discovered.

The Exchange bug is causing a battery drain.

The lock screen vulnerability allows anyone to skip the screen and gain access to important data such as photos and messages.

Apple recently made an official statement to AllThingsD, in which they said they were aware of this issue and would be fixing it soon in a future software update..

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