Will there be a Playstation 4 on 20th February? Predictions from experts

We’ve seen conceptual mockups of PlayStation 4, but will we get to see the new PlayStation 4 for real later this month?

Late last week, Sony handed out invitations for a ‘PlayStation Meeting 2013’ event that’s going to take place on February 20th, now just two weeks away.

The event is going to take place in New York City.

Many experts have made predictions that Sony will use the event to introduce a fourth-generation PlayStation console.

Web Bush game industry analyst Michael Pachter seems certain that the event means a Playstation 4 announcement, stating his thoughts on Twitter.

However, the most impressive predictions we’ve come across were from IGN’s PS experts.

They believe there’s going to be no PS4, no release date, no word on its price, and no games that can be played. Just a teaser of the PS4 games, and the new controller showcasing the shift away from DualShock.

They also believe it’s going to be a short presentation.

The Podcast team may be on the spot, as Sony’s CEO has stated they’ll let Microsoft make the first move.

What do you think? Will the PS4 be introduced on the 20th? Or is this just a tease? Leave your predictions below!