iOS 7 Released – New Look And Features For iPhone And iPad!

iOS 7 Released – New Look And Features For iPhone And iPad!

iOS 7 Released – New Look And Features For iPhone And iPad!

Now available for install, the newest iOS release 7 is also the first complete overhaul of the operating since the iPhone was introduced in 2007. It has a whole new look from flat buttons to bright colors on the screens and a new security code pad design. This new design scheme affects every aspect of iOS including the system settings screen, Safari browser, and photo app.

Other standard feature enhancements include the new Control Center now revamped to include easy access to controls like Do Not Disturb, a new built-in Flashlight app, screen brightness and music controls. The wallpaper utilizes a 3D parallax effect to make it appear a distance behind the icons. Applications now have a new zooming animation when they open.

Speaking of zooming, iOS 7 includes a serious overhaul to the camera and photo apps. Changing between shooting modes is easier – just swipe and tap to frame the shot. Photos can now be organized around geotagged locations, with specific time frames associated with the pictures. There are special camera features only available on the iPhone 5S including automatically adjusting for white balance and exposure, a burst mode that takes 10 frames per second, and a slow motion, 120fps mode.

iTunes Radio has been added as a default application in direct competition with streaming music services like Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio. iTunes Radio doesn’t have different features than the other competitors, but it’s built in and works directly with iTunes.

The new Safari in iOS 7 is vastly different. Unified search and the URL address field are now combined. Switching between open browser windows has changed to a more Android like method. The open pages can be previewed as scrolling cards like a rolodex, you’re no longer limited to just eight of them, and a swipe to the side closes them. There are also some tie-ins to Twitter and simplified moving from one story to the next in the Reading List.

iOS7 brings a new peer-to-peer file-sharing service to the newest Apple devices (iPhone5 and up, iPad 4 and iPad Mini only) called AirDrop. Photos or videos can be shared with a Share button which shows a list of other iOS 7 users that have it enabled nearby. This feature can be turned off to make the device invisible to other iOS 7 users.

To install iOS 7, you must have an iPhone 4 and newer, fifth-generation iPod Touch, or iPad 2 and newer which includes the iPad Mini. Go to the Settings App and drill down (Settings->General->Software Update). The update prompt will also automatically appear (on the computer) if the device is plugged into a computer with iTunes running. Consider updating apps before upgrading to iOS 7; it may save uninstalling and reinstalling apps later.

iOS 7 release is a fresh take on the iOS environment, bringing it more in line with competitors in the smartphone and tablet markets.

Have you upgraded to iOS 7 yet? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

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