iPhone 5’s Raging Rumors: Latest On It’s Name, Release Date, & More…

The next step in the iPhone evolution is assumed to be the iPhone 5 model from Apple, but it could just as easily be called the iPhone 4GS. Even the name hasn’t been officially revealed. For those interested in only verifiable facts, wait until the “rumored” announcement Apple is planning on September 24th – yes, even that is a rumor, not official.

There was a leak about Best Buy planning for Sprint’s iPhone product the first week of October. This adds more fuel to the fire that the launch date of the next Apple smartphone will be in early October, making the late September announcement of the heavily secretive product more likely. The iPod was traditionally updated in October; if the iPhone is taking its place, this would seem to pump the fire up to an inferno.

For carriers of the heir to the Apple telecommunications throne, it is rumored in some shape or another to be available on all four major U.S. carriers – Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. But which one it actually will launch on is based entirely on its specifications – these carriers don’t exactly have compatible networks, and the next generation 4G networks even less so. If the rumored phone has multiple antennae inside (another rumor), then it could very well launch with all carriers.

The secrecy has been rock solid, even with the reported loss of a prototype iPhone 5 in the Bay area last week, mirroring the iPhone 4 prototype debacle. However, it hasn’t appeared on Gizmodo’s web site this time.

To condense all the rumors – the perceived iPhone 4GS/5 product announcement is September 24th, release or maybe just pre-orders starting October 1st with product shipping starting October 21st (the iPod’s 10th anniversary weekend), and available on at least AT&T or Verizon, with Sprint being a likely also ran, T-Mobile might even get a nibble.

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