Jet.Com: Why You Should Run As Fast As You Can From This Site

Bait and switch prices…. erroneous charges….packages that never arrive.

Those are just some of the many complaints I’ve heard in recent weeks in regards to the new online shopping club,, raising serious questions about the company’s integrity.

The company, which has been in business since July, was thought to be the next Amazon, but it looks like they are the exact opposite, with shopper after shopper voicing their displeasure with them.

Initially, I had given the company a modestly positive review when they first started.

With their $49 yearly membership fee and their decent assortment of products, I believed they could be a budget-friendly alternative to Amazon Prime.

However, after hearing so many complaints and getting no real response from Carelsy M, a Jet Head, my opinion has drastically changed and I can not in good conscience recommend this company.

You can read all the customer complaints, along with my initial review here.

While the potential is still there, they have a long way to go before they are a company shoppers can trust and rely on.

I would advise anyone who is thinking about using them to save themselves the headache and shop elsewhere.


For one thing, while I would expect any new company to have a few glitches when first starting out, the number of problems associated with Jet is alarming.

Even worse, it appears they are doing little to nothing to fix the issues shoppers are complaining about (which is truly shocking).

When I emailed Jet to ask what they were doing to solve these problems, they simply thanked me for alerting them and made no attempt to explain how or when they would address them.

They should have assured me and the public that they were working towards solutions and outlined their plan to bolster comsumer confidence, but that never happened.

Instead, they seemed unperturbed by these mounting complaints and had a lackadaisical attiitude that was quite off-putting and leads me to believe they don’t have shoppers’ best interests at heart..

My biggest reason though, for not reccomending them is the nature of the complaints, which are as follows:

• Prices fluctuate from the time they are put in the cart until the time you check out. 

This is simialr to a bait and switch scam, where they lure you in with one price, then tell you that the item is no longer available at that price.

As shopper Liz Lemon explained:

“I really wanted to like jet, but after using it a couple times, I most definitely will not be returning to shop with them unless they take a serious approach to fixing the pricing glitches. An item will display as having a certain $$$ amount taken off when added to the cart, but once you add to the cart, you’ll find the savings have substantially lowered, resulting in a higher price. I wouldn’t have a problem if they would advertise the actual price they’re trying to charge but it feels like I’m being scammed into putting something in my cart just to find out I’m ultimately going to have to pay more. I’ve emailed them several times about this and their go-to response is “prices are updated in real time” which MIGHT be okay if 50% of the time the price changes, it reflects a lower price, but it’s never “updated” in the customer’s favor – rather the “real time” changes to the prices are always higher once added to the cart.”

• Terrible customer service. The biggest gripe I’ve heard is how unwilling the company seems to be to work with customers to resolve problems.

Any company who wamts to show their integrity and worth will go out of the way to help their customers, but not Jet.

Consumer Gary Preston’s compalint is a perfect example of bad customer service  Here’s what he told Consumer Press:

“Just got off the phone with I had an item that had showed “pending” since the day I ordered it. I called them on the 5th day to check the status of the item and they informed me that the shipper of the item was having problems and that they would locate the item and have it overnighted to me. I called them back after waiting two days more without any sign of the item and was informed that they do not “overnight anything” and that if I wanted to cancel the order that would not be possible but that I could return it for free after I have received it. They could not tell me when that would be.”

Reader Minsooh Oh echoed this sentiment, saying:

“My wife ordered few items from that was time sensitive and it was supposed to be delivered in “one or two business days” according to Well she ordered on Saturday but we didn’t get it until 9 days later… we compliant 5 days in and they have promised a full refund for our trouble. Now it has been 3 weeks… still no refund. I’m going to call my credit company and dispute the charges.”

• Over chargers. Many customers have been charged more than they were supposed to, or charged several times for the same item.

Even worse, many have had to call several times to get the charges reversed.

According to reader Joan SK :

“I placed my first order last night which came to a total charge of $24.55. Unfortunately so far there have been 5 charges to my credit card which total $44.03. I am awaiting a reply via email. Based on this, I will not be purchasing from again.

• Shipping Delays/ Out-of-Stock Items. Many orders are cancelled after being charged because the item is no longer available, or worse, shoppers wait 10-days or more for items.

Meghan Barker reports:

“Ordered a textbook from and after a week of getting nothing in the mail I decided to contact them. Turns out that what I ordered “wasn’t in stock anymore” and they would ship it to me when it came in. Only “if it came in”. They charged my account before sending the product and no one in the company contacted me about my missing product. This website is terrible and the have TERRIBLE customer service. It’s way easier to spend a few more dollars and go to amazon or ANYWHERE else. Save yourself the hassle.”

These are just a sampling of the many complaints I have heard and with so many upset shoppers these issues cannot and should not be swept under the rug.

They need to overhaul their customer service department (through improved policy and employee training) and expand their merchandise.

They also need to get more reliable 3rd party sellers if they hope to give Amazon or Costco and real competition and become the number 1 choice among shoppers.

Until that happens problems I would say run, don’t walk to another site.

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