TLC (The Learning Channel) just announced the cancellation of LA Ink, the reality TV show just entering it’s fourth season. The show follows Kat Von D, owner of the High Voltage tattoo parlor, and her life and employees at the tattoo business. The show was a spinoff of Miami Ink, a show Kat Von D left due to a dispute with fellow cast members.  Kat Von D recently had a higher public profile dating Jesse James, the divorcee of Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock. The relationship resulted in a slight bump in ratings and culminated in an episode where Kat Von D gets Jesse James’ face tattooed on her; the episode aired just two days after the pair called off their engagement.

Kat Von D claims she was the one who decided she wouldn’t be doing a fifth season of LA Ink and TLC’s announcement doesn’t dispute or affirm her claim. The series started out in 2007 with TLC’s highest ever basic cable primetime premiere among several major demographics. LA Ink saw multiple high profile guest celebrities walk through its High Voltage storefront, adding to the intrigue of the series. Season’s 2 & 3 followed different employees and their subsequent desertion to another tattoo competitor American Electric; the competitor plays a major part in Season 4.

DVDs for Season 2 & 3 can be found at the TLC online store along with other promotional items likes shirts and books. The DVD sets are on sale – Season 3 at 17% off and Season 2 at 25% off.