More reports are coming in about the possibility of the Amazon Kindle Fire getting a big brother… and the Apple iPad getting a little brother.

Let’s start with the Kindle Fire: Taiwan based DigiTimes is reporting that a 10.1 inch Kindle Fire will likely launch sometime in the fall. As usual, DigiTimes does not quote specific sources, just ‘market rumors,’ but they have provided some accurate predictions from their unnamed sources in the past. DigiTimes also said that Amazon has suspended “the launch of a speculated 8.9-inch model,” which we had never heard about. Additionally, they referenced an “advanced 7-inch Kindle Fire” and say their sources are expecting Amazon orders to ramp way up during the summer and fall.

Then there’s Apple: We first reported back in December that rumors were swirling that a 7 inch iPad was in the works. Last month we received a possible date. Last week came word from 9to5Mac (through a translation of a Chinese language site by a Japanese site, of all things) of a company being certified to supply a 7.85 inch mini iPad panel, with a target shipping amount of 6 million. They said they were looking at a release during the second half of this year.

So, by the upcoming holiday season, it’s very possible that we may have similar size Kindle Fires and Apple iPads battling it out head to head.

Of course, even if they stack up size wise – size isn’t everything. They are very different tablets, with very different capabilities. We’ll have more about that here at CP when they get closer to actually being on the market. But this will give shoppers more to chose from when the holidays roll around, and it will certainly make for an interesting holiday when it comes to the tablet wars.