Kindle Or Tablet Shopping? Amazon Is Cooking Up Something New!

Amazon has sent an invite out for a press release for an event on the 28th of September – the text of the invite reads:

please join us


The final line is actually the Amazon logo. That is the bulk of the message. There’s no hint to what exactly they might be announcing. But it could be one of three rumored items.

One – bets are heavy that the Bezos-helmed retailer will officially announce a pair of 7-inch and 10-inch Kindle refreshes. The rumored updates include touchscreens with NVIDIA processors running the tables. Bezos shook off rumors of a color E Ink Kindle, though.

Two – The heavily-skinned Android tablet that has been rumored by technology bloggers for the last month. This would be a 7-inch, color touchscreen Android-based table supposedly developed without any assistance by Google. Rumored price is $250.

Three – A possible purchase of Netflix’s streaming video service; this could make sense of the spin off of the newly branded Qwikster DVD-by-mail rental company. The streaming video, melded with Amazon’s Video on Demand and DVD store integrated together as part of the Amazon Prime $79-per-year subscription is a tantalizing and logical possibility.

What do you think Amazon has up its sleeve? Leave your comments below!

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