Lady Gaga, the enigma of American pop, will be catching media attention once more as she becomes the first person to perform live music in space.

In early 2015, 27-year-old Gaga will leave earth to perform on the third day of Zero G Colony, a festival beginning in New Mexico that  features entertainers and new technology, Us Weekly reports.

In preparation, Gaga will be doing a month of special voice training, to ensure her vocals will still be intact in an atmosphere without gravity.

Gaga is not the only A-list celebrity to put down a premium to visit space.

Up to 500 people, from scientists to actors have made plans to visit space on Virgin Galactic, one of the first privately owned companies to head for the stars.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber and Stephen Hawking are all on the customer list of Virgin Galactic, whose first flight is set to happen sometime in 2014.

Tickets on the Virgin Galactic space flight are rumored to be $250,000.

And the ticket cost is not all Lady Gaga spent on this ground breaking trip. The music star has taken out what a Us Weekly source calls “a ridiculous life insurance policy.”

Lady Gaga is the queen of firsts: first person to perform with Michael Jackson’s jacket, first person to wear inverted heels. And now, we can add first person to perform in space to glamorous Gaga’s ever-growing list of stunts.

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