Ledisi’s New Album is “The Truth”

R&B sensation, Ledisi, released her latest album, ‘The Truth’ in March.

This album is truly all about being content with who you are.

She recently toured with the Robert Glasper Experience and is now  touring on select dates.

Ledisi’s  sixth studio album, “The Truth” has sparked the hit “I Blame You”. It’s a catchy tune about a woman who has come alive because of a new love.

The singer exclaims “people keep asking/about this glow I seem to have/cause I’m not the same.”  She blames this new glow on her new found love that creates “magic in her eyes and can no longer hide.”

Another track, “Anything,” is the singer telling her love that she “would do/anything for you/come to me/for anything/because I adore you.” She sings with all her strength that the vow taken is serious and she’ll do anything to keep her mate.

The title track, “The Truth,” is a couple facing the truth that they are no longer in love with each other. She sings, “You don’t look at me the same/ your feelings for me have changed/ It’s time to face the truth.”

The album highlights the highs and lows of love that we all face. Ledisi helps us all face ‘The Truth’ about our emotions and thoughts on love.

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Consumer Expert Eva Gordon

Eva Gordon is currently a social worker in Brooklyn, NY. She enjoys music, movies and traveling in her spare time.