Legend Of Korra Ratings Get Worse In New Time Slot

Legend Of Korra Ratings Get Worse In New Time Slot

With a new time slot and lead-in, The Legend of Korra on Nickelodeon last Friday reached a new series low in ratings with 1.103 Million viewers.

Legend of Korra fan blog, Dongbu Feng, broke the news on the series’ latest low numbers, with the Futon Critic reporting the same.

The news comes at a great upset for Korra fans, as the fourth episode in the series showed signs of rebounding from its previous ratings woes at 2.318 million viewers.

However, as Nick and More notes in its coverage of Korra, Nickelodeon changed the series’ time slot three days before last week’s premier and removed its top performing show, SpongeBob Squarepants, as Korra lead-in.

Considering these factors, it’s understandable how Korra’s ratings took a turn for the worse. It remains to be seen how Nickelodeon will handle Korra’s recent decline in ratings, but fans are hoping for a return to the series original Saturday morning time slot, where it performed the strongest.

The whole situation is worrisome for Korra fans fearing Nick will pull the plug on the series or banish it away to Nicktoons, as The Outhousers prematurely reported on.

Nick is also being blamed for the disappointing way they’ve handled promotion and scheduling for The Legend of Korra: Book 2, at a time where the network’s heavy dependence on SpongeBob is being questioned.

Hopefully, these fears will be properly addressed at The Legend of Korra’s New York Comic Con panel on October 12th.