LG Washer & Dryer Review – Here’s Our Experience With These LG Machines

LG Washer & Dryer Review – Here’s Our Experience With These LG Machines

My family recently moved from an apartment complex to a town house, and we had to buy our first washer and dryer set.

The buying process was difficult because you can’t test out a washer and dryer before you buy them. We ended up with a beautiful pair of LG machines, called WT1101C (washer) and DLG1102W.

The washer has a 4.3 size drum, which is big enough for a queen sized quilt, and the dryer has a 7.3 sized drum, which, again, is plenty of space. We had to special order them through Sears, because they were not in stock.

The washers with agitators use a lot more water than the ones without, and because of this, are soon going to stop being sold, according to a sales associate at Sears. While agitators move your clothes around, they are very rough and often damage delicate clothes or tangle clothes with strings or pull ties.

This LG has load sensing technology that weighs the amount of clothes you put in a wash and fills up the water to fit that load. This saves the environment and your water bill. My mom was concerned, however, that less water would stop the clothes from getting as clean, but the clothes came out fresh and clean.

Because our washer had a glass top, we were able to watch the first cycle. You place the soap and fabric softener in before the load starts and wait for a cute jingle to play, alerting you that the wash is over. The cycles are longer, but are gentle on clothes. The washer swishes the clothes around gently, spins them fast, and lets them soak for a little while in order to wash them without damaging them.

The dryer also has a damp-sensing technology that can tell when clothes are dry and will stop drying them. This also saves energy and reduces damage to clothes. I have to admit, I was originally skeptical that clothes would still be damp if the dryer stopped early, but there is a “freshen up” button that can put clothes on a quick 20 minute cycle to continue to dry them if you are unsatisfied. This is also nice if you leave clothes in the dryer and come back later and want a quick freshener.

This pair of washer and dryer is both unique looking (while many front-loader sets look retro, these have a modern, sleek look) and function well. For the amount of space inside the machines, and the features offered, in my opinion, these washer and dryers are worth the price of $699 a piece. Others for that price seem to be lacking in drum space or technology.

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