Actress Cristin Milioti has left the Broadway stage for television.

In a very secretive casting, so as to not blow the cover of the long-anticipated “mother,” Milioti was cast for the critical part on the hit sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.

Fans of How I Met Your Mother have been loyal for 8 long years. They have sat breathlessly, along with main character Ted Mosby’s children, waiting for the moment when the show would reveal Ted’s future wife and the children’s mother.

And in the epic finale of season 8, audiences finally met the highly anticipated “mother.”

With her girlish charm and honest smile, How I Met Your Mother fans instantly fell in love with Milioti. She has been revered in many publications, including The A.V. club, for her performance on How I Met Your Mother.

Though Milioti is known for being a talented actress, the “mother” character was a big role to fill.

Throughout eight seasons, the writers of How I Met Your Mother have dropped hints about her personality, peculiar love for robot paintings, and most importantly, her compatibility with Ted.

But for that person to come alive, How I Met Your Mother producers knew they would need an outstanding actress. And standing 5’2’’ Milioti has filled that role with excellence and passion.

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