Missing N.C. girl Zahra Baker.

The stepmother to missing 10 year girl Zahra Baker allegedly told cousins that visited her in jail that she blames her current situation on her husband and she misses Zahra greatly.

The two cousins visited Elisa Baker in jail last Monday after more than two years of not speaking to her at all. After, they said the family met and decided they needed to share some things they knew.

The cousin spoke out anonymously due to death threats the family has received. She said that Elisa cried over how much she missed Zahra and how her husband would leave her to take the blame for everything.  Elisa allegedly said it was unfair that she was in jail for what he had done.

The cousins also shared that they had received three letters from Elisa since she had been in jail. In those letters she told them of her love for the little girl and how she could not understand why a man she loved would treat her this way.

According to the cousins Adam Baker, Elisa’s husband and Zahra’s father, has many answers to the questions that linger about the case.

In the letters to her cousins Elisa allegedly says that Zahra had been in remission but had become sick over the two weeks prior to ‘whatever’s happened happened’. The cousins said that Elisa never revealed exactly what had taken place.

Zahra was reported missing on October 9 but no one outside of family recalls seeing the girl since September 25.  On October 10 Elisa was arrested on unrelated charges. She later admitted to writing a fake ransom note and has since been indicted on felony obstruction of justice charges. She remains in jail under bond.

Adam Baker was jailed recently on unrelated charges, however he made bail and was released.

Investigators have found a mattress believed to belong to Zahra that is currently undergoing DNA testing. They later discovered the prosthetic leg that was issued to Zahra in Australia.  Just last week investigators discovered a bone that may be related to the case in the same area they found the prosthesis.