More Blackberry Troubles, Playbook OS Update Delayed… Again

More Blackberry Troubles, Playbook OS Update Delayed… Again

More bad news from a company that has been reeling from bad news over the last few weeks.

Research In Motion (RIM) has put off the update to their BlackBerry’s PlayBook operating system until next year. The PlayBook is BlackBerry’s entrant into the tablet field. It features a 7 inch touchscreen with a 1 GHz dual core processor and 1 GB of BlackBerry-PlayBookmemory. It has a 3 MP front camera and 5 MP rear facing camera, and runs on BlackBerry’s proprietary operating system, BlackBerry Tablet OS.

From the very beginning the BlackBerry PlayBook was not well received. Critics and consumers alike expected a BlackBerry tablet to include the apps that BlackBerry was famous for, like BlackBerry messenger, email, calendar and contact applications. But instead, the tablet required a BlackBerry smartphone and a “bridge” to display the contents of the smart phone on the tablet.

When the BlackBerry PlayBook was launched last April, BlackBerry promised that they would have an update with e-mail and other apps available for the PlayBook within 60 days. The update got pushed back into the summer, then into the fall, and now has been pushed back to February of 2012.

“As much as we’d love to have it in your hands today, we’ve made the difficult decision to wait to launch BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 until we are confident we have fully met the expectations of our developers, enterprise customers and end-users,” wrote David J. Smith, senior vice president for BlackBerry PlayBook on  BlackBerry’s blog yesterday.

The delay comes on top of other woes the company has experienced over the last month. In mid-October they suffered a worldwide outage on their mail and messaging network.  A survey completed before the outage indicated their customers were already fleeing, as we reported here. And shortly after the announcement of their new BBX OS last week, they were hit with a trademark infringement  lawsuit by a company that claims ownership of the trademark ‘BBx’.

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