Motorola Officially Unveils the Moto 360

Motorola has officially joined the smartwatch race.

Although, the manufacturer would prefer everyone referred to the Moto 360 as a “timepiece” (because that is its primary function).  It does run Android Wear, though, so “smartwatch” is far from an inaccurate moniker.

The wearable device release is not a surprise to many, as it was actually one of the first officially Android Wear devices announced by Google several months ago.  The Moto 360 is (almost) unique amongst its competition–outside of the new LG G Watch R–for being one of the first Android Wear devices with a circular screen.

Motorola puts a large emphasis on design, so the Moto 360 starts with aesthetics at the core and moves out from there.  The circular design is sharp and familiar, the wrist band is authentic leather, and the screen is clear and crisp.  It definitely resembles a classic timepiece more than many of the square alternatives, such as the LG G Watch, or the Samsung Gear Live.

Although the device officially goes on sale today on Motorola’s website, the Google Play Store, and Best Buy, some reviewers had early access to the watch, and the early opinion is high on the aforementioned look and feel.  Battery life is definitely a question, though.  Motorola only promises “all day battery,” and the early reviews suggest disappointment in how long the daily charge lasts.

It’s too early to condemn or affirm a device that is so new, though.  The 320 mAh battery is in the middle of the road compared to other Android Wear devices, and it’s common for early software updates to improve the longevity.  All Android Wear devices fall short of the week long battery life of the smartwatch pioneer, Pebble, though.  It just shows that this is still new territory for technology, and devices like the Moto 360, at the very least, offer excitement for future devices to come.

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