Motorola SURFboard Cable Modem 30% Off At Groupon

Groupon is offering refurbished Motorola SURFboard cable modems at a 30% discount  through September 13th.

The high speed cable modems are discounted to $69.99. That’s 30% off the stated retail (although closer to 22% off  if you check sources like Amazon).

Either way, the price is a phenomenal deal for the hardware.

I’ve been using the SURFboard SB6141 for over a year, and highly recommend it.

Many people rent a modem from their Cable provider, but at an average cost of about $6/month, this modem becomes a more cost effective option in less than a year.  Not to mention, rental modems aren’t always the best, and can significantly cut down your data speeds compared to the speed you are paying for.

Technical specs aside (what do all those numbers actually mean anyway), we had a Comcast plan with a stated download speed of 25Mbps.  Most tests I performed fell right in that area, compared to about half that (with the same plan) prior to the Motorola SURFboard.

This translated into multiple people browsing the web and watching Youtube and Netflix at the same time without having to fight for bandwidth or deal with long buffering times.

The deal is available for just under 2 weeks.  The SURFboard is compatible with “major US cable providers” (according to Motorola), but it’s always smart to look before you leap!

Consumer Expert Stephen Colbert

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