Announced on the official Toonami Tumblr account, Naruto Shippuden will air uncut on Cartoon Network’s Saturday late-night anime block in January.

Based on the manga by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto Shippuden continues where the original series about a young trouble-making ninja possessed by a Nine-Tailed Demon Fox left off.

The original Naruto series, which airs on Toonami at 12:30am/11:30 CT, will depart on November 30th.

The Toonami account acknowledges the original series will not finish its entire run by then and advises everyone to watch the rest of Naruto online through streaming sites, such as Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo, Naruto Shippuden is currently on its 14th season in Japan with over 300 episodes and six theatrical movies.

The English version produced by Viz Media originally aired  edited on Disney XD in 2009, but was later taken off the channel. When Toonami returned to Cartoon Network last year as an adult block, it was denied Naruto Shippuden, due to Disney still holding the broadcasting rights at the time.

Today, it’s safe to say those rights have expired.

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