New 4G Mobile Hotspot Handles Up To 8 Connections/$35 Month!

The CLEAR Spot 4G – Apollo will be coming to select retail stores and dealers in late July 2011, but is available now from for $99 per device or a lease price of $6 per month.  The new device offers 4G speeds, reported to be four times faster than 3G.  It operates on the WiMax wireless protocol connecting to the CLEAR wireless network at speeds of up to 1.5Mb per second upload and 3Mb to 6Mb per second download.  Battery life is up to six hours for the built-in rechargeable battery.

The CLEAR Spot 4G – Apollo is compatible with millions of mobile devices, showing up as a mobile Wi-Fi connection available on your computer, phone or other mobile device.  The device allows up to eight simultaneous Wi-Fi connections.  While that flexibility has its advantages, keep in mind that all those connected devices will be sharing the same bandwidth; multiple devices mean lower overall speed of connection for each device if they’re all surfing, streaming, or gaming online at the same time.

CLEAR offers a pay as you go plan with unlimited 4G usage – start at $35 per month for the home (this is a non-mobile option), $45 per month for the unlimited mobile plan and bundled services including home, voice and mobile plans that start at $55 per month.

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