The Internet was aflutter last week as reports came out indicating Apple’s new iPad was running hot.

Apple does have some history with issues after recent launches. Of course, the big one was after the release of the iPhone 4. A number of users reported a drop in signal strength when holding the phone in a certain manner. Consumer Reports even dropped the phone from their list of recommended smart phones. This issue became known as ‘AntennaGate.’

A similar occurrence happened after the release of the iPhone 4S. This time though, it was an issue with an apparent battery drain. This was being referred to as ‘BatteryGate’ by some.

With the new iPad, it’s been discovered that it runs hotter than the previous generation of iPad, the iPad 2. ‘HeatGate’ is the name being attached to this one.

PCWorld just released the results of their own study of ‘HeatGate.’ They did confirm that the third-generation, ‘new,’ iPad ran up to 8° hotter then the iPad 2. The back of the new iPad got up to 100° under some conditions, according to their report.

PCWorld was not able to replicate Consumer Reports (CR) findings that the new iPad reached temperatures of 116°. CR said there was up to a 13° difference in the heat generated between the iPad 2 and the new iPad.

CR also said that when holding the new iPad, that heat was noticeable, but not uncomfortably so. In their FAQs section, they say they do not believe the higher temps with the new iPad are a safety issue. Whether the heat affects performance is still undecided at this point, the Sears said the new iPad has done well in their preliminary testing. Their full testing report is due out soon.

Apple released a statement saying the new iPad operates “well within” their expected thermal specs.

Have you noticed that your new iPad runs hotter? If so, do you think it’s a problem? Leave your answer in the comments below.