New iPods / Lower Prices – The News About Apple You Missed!

Overlooked in the crush of news about the iPhone 4S and Steve Jobs’ death, was the announcement about one of Apple’s most steadfast products, the Apple iPod. During Tuesday’s announcement of the iPhone 4S, and cheaper iPhones, the leading tech giant also introduced new iPod Touch models and price cuts on existing  iPod media players.

The media event saw Apple release several new models of the iPod, including a new white iPod touch, as well as lower price points for the iPod Nano touch. The new iPod touch is now available in white and has a reduced starting price of $199, down from $229 for the 8GB model as well as the regular 32GB and 64GB models that are available in both the standard black and a new white model similar to the iPhone.

The iPod touch will be upgradeable to the iOS 5 and will also support iCloud services from Apple when they become available on Oct 12.

Current iPod touch owners can upgrade their iPods when the new release becomes available. The iPod classic is the only model that remains unchanged from the entire iPod family line. As it has been for the last several years, the Classic is available in 160GB capacity for $249.

The iPod Nano also received a price reduction for both the 8GB and 16GB models with improved navigation features such as larger icons and up to 16 clock faces that that make its multi touch screen much easier to navigate. The iPod Nano 8GB and 16GB are $129 and $149 respectively. The new models will also work with the new iCloud suite for syncing media and files on various devices.

While the world mourns the news of one of the greatest business and technology leaders of the 21st century, Steve Jobs, the October 4th press event and announcement of upgrades to the iPod touch family may be an indication that Apple hasn’t given up on its iPods just yet.

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