The Quick and Easy Paleo CookbookA new Paleo Diet cookbook, released last month by Telamon Press, includes 77 recipes designed to be quick and easy.

According to its advocates, the Paleo plan rids the body of chemicals and unnatural foods and significantly reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes and arthritis.

The challenge?

The books meant to assist with the Paleo Diet transformation are less than helpful. Many Paleo books call for high cost, rare ingredients and complicated food lists

But with a new year comes a new book. The Quick and Easy Paleo Cookbook.

The cookbook offers simple recipes like “The Grain Free Hot Breakfast Cereal.” Comprised of everyday food items like bananas, eggs and almond milk, the recipe uses easy to find ingredients and is truly mouth-watering.

Paleo-friendly recipes are included for all the meals of the day, plus snacks.

In actual use, I found I really liked many of the fast recipes offered in The Quick and Easy Paleo Cookbook. 

Most of them, especially the breakfast, can be made in under ten minutes. I have found the cookbook to be a helpful starter guide to Paleo diet recipes and it has led me into doing more research on my own.

The cookbook is available in several formats.

Amazon has the Kindle version on sale right now for just $2.99. Their paperback version is $9.98.

Barnes & Noble has a Nook version for $4.99 and they sell it in paperback for $9.79.

Do you have the The Quick and Easy Paleo Cookbook? 

Tell us what you think of it below!