New The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey TV Spot, Run-Time Revealed [Video/Photo]

New The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey TV Spot, Run-Time Revealed [Video/Photo]

Today marks the release of a new TV spot for one of the most anticipated films of 2012, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The 30-second ad features scenes introduced in the trailer, as well as some new clips for fans to enjoy.

Additionally, in an interview with Empire Magazine, director Peter Jackson gave away the estimated run-time for the film. Not including the credits, Peter Jackson stated that An Unexpected Journey may be the shortest Lord of the Rings-related film yet.

“It’s looking like it’s going to be about ten minutes shorter than Fellowship was,” said Jackson. “So it’s going to be officially our shortest Middle-earth yet. I mean, Fellowship was just under three hours and this is about 2 hours 40 minutes at the moment.”

With any given film, this would still be considered long, but not when Peter Jackson is involved.  Compared to The Lord of The Rings Trilogy,  An Unexpected Journey does look shorter. Given the details above however, that seems to be more than enough time to get the story of The Hobbit started.

An Unexpected Journey marks the beginning of a new trilogy from director Peter Jackson, as he brings the story of Bilbo Baggins to the big screen.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arrives in theaters December 14th. Until then, enjoy the new TV spot.


Are you excited to see the adventures of Bilbo Baggins on the big screen? Let us know in the comments!

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