PayPal Being Accepted At More & More Stores – But Not Walmart

PayPal Being Accepted At More & More Stores – But Not Walmart

Most of us who shop online are very familiar with PayPal.

Still, it’s surprising to see a PayPal logo alongside other credit & debit card logos on a card swiper at our local Home Depot store.

It was just over a year ago that PayPal and Home Depot began running trials of in-store PayPal payments.

The program has really taken off since then. It was expanded to include more Home Depot stores, and then Office Depot stores, within weeks.

Now it’s in many more stores and continuing to grow. According to a recent report on BusinessInsider, PayPal will be accepted in more than 2 million brick and mortar stores by the end of this year.

But there’s huge hold out when it comes to taking PayPal as a payment method…. Walmart.

In an statement emailed to Reuters, PayPal got a cold shoulder from Walmart. “Walmart does not accept PayPal in-store,”  said Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove. “The added complexity at the point of sale does not justify acceptance of PayPal.”

Using PayPal does normally require inputting a phone number and a PIN. But is that really a huge inconvenience when those darn payment contraptions throw a bunch of questions at shoppers anyway?

While Walmart may be missing the boat on this one, it’s competitors aren’t. Brookstone, Burger King and Sephora are reported to be taking PayPal in stores now. Nordstorm is expected to accept Paypal soon.

A question to you – if Walmart did take PayPal, would you use it there?

If so, why PayPal instead of other payment options?

Answer in the comments section below!

Consumer Expert Adeel Qayum

After reading stories of university drop-outs going on to become ERP sensations, Adeel was motivated to dig deep into their lifestyles. He’s been into the ERP world since 2008, researching and feeding on the latest trends and updates. He also peeks over social media.