Phone-PowerPhone Power is apologizing for an outage that affected all of their customer base last Wednesday, May 2. The outage began at 7:45am Pacific time. It lasted approximately 7 hours. CP covered the outage live as details came in.

Originally thought to have been caused by the crash of a core router in Los Angeles, the outage affected not only Phone Power’s VOIP phone service, but took their website down as well. With their website unavailable, Phone Power communicated updates to customers through Twitter. Hours after the original tweet reporting the router crash, Phone Power tweeted that the outage was actually caused by a “massive cyber attack.” The company told Consumer Press last Friday that it was a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attack, and that no customer data was compromised.

Yesterday, Phone Power posted more details about the incident on their forum. In a statement to customers, the company said “We greatly apologize for any interruption in your service.” They confirmed that no personal customer data “was ever in jeopardy.”

Regarding the possibility of future attacks, Jim Murphy, the general manger of Phone Power, wrote “…we’ve taken enormous steps to ensure that we can mitigate any future situations like this. Without going into too many details for security reasons, we’ve immediately started work on greatly expanding system capacity and we’ve contracted with one of the biggest cyber security firms to develop new detection and prevention strategies and to separately do a top-to-bottom analysis on our network.”

The company also said that the FBI is investigating the incident.

Phone Power is asking customers to send emails to [email protected] detailing how they were affected by the cyber attack and resulting outage. These emails will be shared with the FBI, according to Phone Power.