Phone-PowerVOIP phone service provider Phone Power experienced a major outage today. We have been reporting on it live as it unfolded.

The outage started approximately 10:45am (US Eastern Time). Along with the actual phone service being down, the company’s website has also been off-line. Their website includes a chat feature for customer service, and a network status page, which continue to be unavailable as of the writing of the story. Customers report that Phone Power’s phone support is also unreachable.

This appears to have left Twitter as the primary means for customers to receive status updates.

Earlier today, through Twitter, Phone Power reported that the outage was due to core router in Los Angeles that crashed, affecting both inbound and outbound calls.

But this evening Phone Power tweeted “Phone Power experienced a massive cyber attack on our website this morning resulting in loss of service.”

This one tweet regarding the incident is all the info that we have at this time. Other than that, Phone Power is simply reporting that all services are restored except for their website, which remains down.


Phone Power is now reporting that their website has been partially restored and response may be sporadic.


Read more about the cyber attack here.