PhonePower Experiencing Outage

PhonePower Experiencing Outage

PhonePower has announced through their forums that they experienced a partial outage today.

“Some customers may be experiencing issues making or receive calls. Engineers are investigating at this time. No ETR at this time. This is also affecting customers ability to contact our office as well,” wrote PhonePower.

The outage was noticed here at CP at approximately 9am PT.

An hour later, PhonePower reported that the problem with inbound and outbound calls had been corrected.

Moments later, we were able to confirm that report. Our phones were back online.

In May of last year PhonePower honePower experienced another major outage.

Since that time, according to their forums and our own experience, the system has remained stable except for a few minor outages that were quite short.

PhonePower offers VOIP phone service to both residential and small business users. Prices on a monthly basis start at $14.95/month. They also offer an annual contract at $199.95 per year with the second year free (averaging out to $8.33 monthly). The basic service includes a variety of features, including call forwarding, call blocking, and a second cloned line.

Are you using PhonePower?

If so, let us know what you think of their quality and uptime in the comments section below!

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