PlayStation 4’s Entry Level Price Tag To Be $428 – Report

PlayStation 4’s Entry Level Price Tag To Be $428 – Report

We reported yesterday that some experts believe there would be no PS4, no PS4 price, no PS4 release date at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 event that’s scheduled to take place on 20th February.

However, today’s report suggests a different story.

One of the major news publications of Japan, Asahi Shimbun, claims that they’re aware of important details about the fourth-generation console. According to them, PS4 will arrive late in 2013 in Japan and U.S.

The source confidently claims the price is going to be around $428, or 40,000 Japanese Yen. The Verge states that’s less expensive than the most expensive model of PlayStation 3, which retails for $599. However, it’s expensive than the current price tag of standard PS3, which costs $269.

The Japanese publication also informs that Sony is going to take a step away from the Dual Shock standard, but the shape and size of the PS4 controller will be the same as PS3.

If this turns out to be the price tag, its closer to Nintendo’s W II U, which sells for 31,500 Japanese Yen.

Looks like Sony has learned from the PS3 mistake, which saw consumers shift towards Xbox 360 due to the lower price tag at that time.

Smartphones gaming is taking away the market away from console and PC gaming, but Sony and other companies are determined to keep some hold, and this may be the reason why they’re going for a lower initial price tag compared to PS3’ entry level price back in 2006.

The Nikkei business daily, along with Asahi, report that details of PS4 will be revealed on February 20th.


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