ps orbis cloud backward compatibleSony’s PS4, aka Orbis, has been the limelight of the gaming community as 20th February nears.

The date marks when the company is expected to announce the console at PlayStation Meet 2013 event.

Recently, we reported a rumor that the fourth-generation Sony controller will include revamped buttons and a front touchscreen.

Now there’s another report from the Verge (originally posted on WSJ) that PS4 will allow for old titles.

This has been argued upon, with many experts claiming that it won’t be able to stream old titles.

The WSJ points to Sony’s takeover of Gaiki, a cloud gaming company, in June 2012. They believe the console will be cloud backward-compatible with old titles.

The streaming will also overcome the problem of the new AMD chips being unable to match the setup used in previous consoles.

Japanese newspaper site Nikkei also reported that Gaikai would be present at Sony’s press conference, and they may contribute in some way.

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