Google Glass Winners are celebrities and popular TweetersWe recently reported that Google was sending out invites on Twitter and Google + for its Google Glass Explorer program to those who won #ifihadglass contest.

A C.S. Ph.D student from Stanford, Andrej Karpathy, gathered data to scope out just who the winners were.

He went through the profiles of the winners on Twitter and the data revealed that Google picked famous Twitter users and celebrities as most of the winners.

The names include the likes of R&B singer Brandy, TV host Adam Savage and actor Patrick J. Adams.

Most of the winners of the contest have thousands of Twitter followers.

The contest has stirred controversy. It was revealed that many winners of the competition apparently didn’t deserve to win, as they failed to demonstrate the motivation to participate or failed to follow the guidelines of the contest.

Google recently made a statement that due to the controversy surrounding the competition, it’s going to withdraw some of Google Glass offers.

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