The Best Time To Buy Things After Black Friday

According to a recent analysis, consumers should pay attention to the calendar to get great deals on just about everything – even after the Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays.

Sharon Epperson, MSNBC’s Personal Finance Correspondent, says the day of the week matters more than consumers might think. Based on online and other sales data, experts have tracked the best days to make purchases on everything from movie tickets to cars. Following are some of the findings:

Monday: After browsing over the weekend, consumers should make the plunge on a new vehicle. Most dealers are closed on Sundays and need to jump start their sales weeks. Paying attention to additional rebates and bonuses can also contribute to major savings.

Tuesday: Find the best deals on taking your kids out to eat for free by checking out sites like this one. Movie ticket deals tend to appear on Tuesdays, as well.

Wednesday: Hit the grocery on Wednesdays to take advantage of early ads – and freshly stocked shelves from the weekend.

Thursday: Items like clothing and handbags see significant discounts towards the end of the week. Sites like Shop It To Me crunched the numbers and have determined that consumers could see up to 50% savings on some apparel.

Friday: Hop in your (new) car, because Fridays are when consumers might see the lowest gas prices. While prices recently are down overall around 50 cents per gallon, Fridays are still the day when you might see them at their lowest.

Saturday: Retailers know that although people have more time to shop on weekends, they also have more time to do other things. That’s why department stores offer deeper discounts then than most other times during the week.

Sunday: Much ado about flying. Earlier this year, Consumer Press reported on new data that shows Sunday is now the best day to purchase airline tickets.

Have you noticed a calendar-based trend where you find better than usual deals? Tell us about it in the comments.

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