Preliminary Sales Ban For Typo iPhone Keyboard

Preliminary Sales Ban For Typo iPhone Keyboard

Sales of the Typo iPhone case have been banned in the US.

The case, which clips on and adds a keyboard feature to the iPhone, has been declared an infringement of rival BlackBerry’s intellectual property by a US District judge in San Francisco.

The keyboard case was given a preliminary ban from the market on Friday.

Judge William Orrick declared that Typo haven’t done enough to challenge BlackBerry’s patents on the beveled edge key design.

The Typo keyboard retails for $99. It has been publicly championed by TV personality Ryan Seacrest, who is a co-founder of the company.

The keyboard slides on to the iPhone 5 or 5s and connects with it wirelessly via Bluetooth. It provides an alternative to typing on the screen.

BlackBerry claims that the beveled edged key design of the case mimics their patented keyboard design and could be misleading to consumers.

Although Typo said they will defend the lawsuit and work to get their iPhone case back on the market, it may be some time before it is available if at all.

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