Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, who received a five-game suspension for receiving impermissible benefits at Ohio State, left the school before his suspension could take place and entered the NFL’s supplemental draft. The Oakland Raiders selected him in the third round of the supplemental draft, forfeiting their third round pick in 2012.

Pryor will be allowed to play in preseason games, but the suspension will keep him from practices until he’s placed on the Raiders’ active roster, which won’t happen until Week 6. He can use the team’s facilities during the suspension. Pryor will also forfeit a portion of his salary – whatever he would have been paid normally for those five games, estimated to be about $100k.

The supplemental draft allows players otherwise ineligible for entry into the April draft to enter the NFL in their first year of eligibility. Prior NFL supplemental draft picks include quarterbacks Bernie Kosar, Dave Brown, Timm Rosenbach and Steve Walsh. For every semi-successful draftee their are others that don’t pan out, but that is very similar to the normal NFL draft.

Pryor has some solid stats (60.9 completion percentage and 5 yards per carry rushing)and is a solid athlete. He’s 6-foot-6 and 240 pounds and has said he’ll play wherever he’s needed, putting him in a better position for a long career with the NFL as a receiver or receiving tight-end if he doesn’t get a shot at quarterback.