PlayStation Evolution Video By Sony - PS4 Addition Coming SoonOk, so we’re gearing up for Sony’s launch event tomorrow in New York.

As expected, we are hearing lots of rumors, concept mockups, and other details about the suspected unveiling of the PlayStation 4, aka Orbis, at the event.

The surprising aspect is the hints are coming from the Japanese Company itself.

We already know the fourth-generation PS console will feature a revamped controller, and the WSJ reported that the device would be backward compatible using the cloud, so users will be able to stream old game titles.

Now Sony has released some teaser videos, which show the evolution of the brand.

The first video, titled “The beginning,” looks back at the original PlayStation, which was introduced in 1995.

This will bring back some memories!

Take a look:

The second video, titled “The next big thing,” takes a look at emotion engine that arrived with the PlayStation 2:

The last video, titled “Next Generation,” (although that’s going to be used for every new PS console release) looks at PS3, which still goes strong:

The fourth addition to the video series is expected at the PlayStation Meet 2013 tomorrow. The currently trending hashtag for the videos is #PlayStation2013.

Are you expecting, and excited, about the unveiling of the PS4?

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