PS4: Playstation Orbis To Feature Next-Gen PS Dual Camera Eye

PS4: Playstation Orbis To Feature Next-Gen PS Dual Camera Eye

Recently there was a report from a Japanese publication that PS4 details will be unveiled at PlayStation meet 2013.

There’s now a new rumor, via VGLeaks, that the fourth-generation PS console will feature a PlayStation Eye dual camera.

This camera is supposed to be an evolved HD version of the famous eye toy, made possible through the use of wide angle cameras that boast a 720p resolution, allowing for the best picture quality.

In addition, the gadget is supposed to have a 4 microphone array that will function at 48 kHz.

The camera will allow for certain unique functions which include:

Recognizing the user as soon as they log in, which indicates the use of facial recognition software.
There will be a live voice-chat option which increases the device’s functionality, as online games require teamwork and proper co-ordination.
It may also serve to be something akin to the Kinect for the X-Box, as it comes with hand and head tracking which will be used in various games, enhancing the gameplay.

There’s no official word from Sony so far.

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