PS4 U.S Pre-Orders – Retailers & Distributors Wait For More Info

PS4 U.S Pre-Orders – Retailers & Distributors Wait For More Info

PS4 will be hitting the shelves in the holiday quarter this year, this we know.

However, no exact release date or the price has been announced for the upcoming console.

U.K residents looking to get their hands on PS4 have already begun placing their pre-orders through GAME, a game retailer, for a deposit of just £20.00.

However, GameStop, the largest game distributor in U.S, is stilling waiting for more details to surface.

The president of GameStop Tony Bartel informed Forbes they’re waiting for the release date, price and allocation information before they start taking pre-orders.

He believes consumers would be willing to pay more to get their hands on the latest console, but the buy-sell-trade program offered by the retailer would lead to cost savings.

Retailers in U.S and other countries are hoping Sony will reveal the pricing and the exact release date at the E3 conference. Shipping of PS4 units is expected to begin in August according to a recent report.

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