Sony Ordering Up 16 Million PS4 Consoles For The Holidays?

Sony Ordering Up 16 Million PS4 Consoles For The Holidays?

PS4 shipping 16 million units begin august

Yesterday, an NDP report stated that only 29% of the core gamers were looking to buy the PS4 and other next-gen consoles upon their launch.

Today, we get an idea of how many consoles Sony is ordering up for consumers.

DigiTimes cites unnamed sources as saying that Sony is shopping for PS4 component makers, and the number of units they are getting quotes on is 16 million for 2013.

The PS4 consoles are to be manufactured by Pegatron Technology and Foxconn Electronics, according to the sources. The final product should be ready to hit the shelves during the holiday shopping season.

16 million units is quite a large number. Compare that to the 5.5 million PS3 consoles that were sold during its first year, and you’ll see that Sony has high expectations for the PS4.

Overall, shoppers have bought about 100 million PlayStations (the original) and 150 million PS2s.

PS3 sales have totaled around  77 million in the seven years since its launch.

Is Sony cooking up something bigger than we expect? Do you think there is this kind of enthusiasm for the PS4?

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