Dual Shock 4 will have a headset

We now know the PS4 will include cloud gaming, handheld device integration, Blu Ray disc drives, a share button and a headphone jack on the controller.

Today, we came across another feature that wasn’t highlighted on Sony’s launch event day.

In a paragraph on DualShock 4 on the PlayStation Blog, it’s mentioned the controller has a touchpad that’s going to offer a new input method. They also say that high quality sound-effects will be available to gamers through the build-in speaker and a headset jack.

While these features were covered by the blogosphere on the event day, the next line in the paragraph wasn’t.

“A headset will be bundled with PS4, allowing the players to hear the sound effects from the controller and voice chat with their friends while playing.”

This is bad news for headset manufacturers, as most gamers may stick to the default headset. However, it’ll depend on the sound quality the bundled headset will be able to provide.

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