Quantum and Woody #1 Gives the Series a Very Promising Start
Quantum and Woody gets off to a strong start

Quantum and Woody #1 Gives the Series a Very Promising Start

Quantum and Woody gets off to a strong start

Valiant Entertainment continues to impress with Quantum and Woody #1.

This series commences with the story of Eric and Woody, two brothers, whose father is a very important scientist for the government.

The story is told in the present with flashbacks to the past.

Eric, and his foster brother Woody, have always been getting into trouble, and having always been willing to defend themselves. This is displayed in the flashbacks, as they get into trouble in school, and their wise father gives them lessons on how a real man conducts themselves.

Flash forward to the present, Eric is a straight shooting member of the military.  He has done well for himself. Woody, on the other hand, has gone down the wrong path and is nothing but a lowlife.

The murder of their father brings them back together, and after an epic and comical brawl between the two at the funeral, and being questioned by the police, they separately decide to infiltrate their Dad’s heavily guarded and secret lab. Their father is shown to be killed by a henchmen, and appears that he was killed because of his top secret projects. After meeting up, that is when the story really gets going, as key information is found, and we get to see how Eric becomes Quantum.

This issue was very impressive. The writer, James Ausmus, successfully blends drama, action, and humor into a well balanced mix that makes the story well rounded. The art by Tom Fowler was very good as well, given the various moods mixed into the story, it is not easy to capture those moods and mix them into one story, but Fowler does a nice job. His cartoony style is well suited to the story.

I think this series has gotten off to a good start. I have been very impressed with Valiant’s comics, and this issue is no exception. I will definitely be sticking with this series, and am looking forward to next month’s issue.

Consumer Expert Alex Waller

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