Review of “Batwoman” #21
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Review of “Batwoman” #21

A Great Issue of Batwoman

This may be a series about Batwoman, but Killer Croc was the star of this issue.

Realizing that he is mutating after practically giving birth to a new creature, Killer Croc is taken down below the surface world to live in a community of mutated specimens like himself. For one of the first times in his life, things are going well for Waylon Jones. He has found love, with a mutated woman named Claire.

This new group Killer Croc has found embraces their differences instead of being ashamed of them. They see their animal infused genetics as a blessing, and a beautiful trait to have.

One member of the group named Jered, who can transform into what appears to be an eagle. Jered wants Killer Croc to be the “King” of their group. To this group, the king must go on the dangerous missions as well. This involves a revenge killing, as Jered tells Killer Croc to go after Batwoman, who they blame for the death of a group member named Abbot.

This was a good issue. There are not many stories that Killer Croc gets to star in, so it is nice to see him here. The ending is shocking and sees Killer Croc truly take control of the situation he is in with his new found group.

Batwoman barely gets to be in this issue, and only briefly shows up for a brawl at the end of the issue. However, her absence is perfectly acceptable because the Killer Croc story is good.

J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman co-wrote the issue. The writing was crisp, and the dialogue and inner monologue for Killer Croc felt natural. The story moved along nicely, and ended on a good note leaving me excited for the next issue.

The artist Francesco Francavilla was the biggest star of this issue. His scratchy style of art is perfect for a story about mutated creatures living in an underground society. There is probably no better choice for who would draw this issue than him. Hopefully he sticks around as long as this Killer Croc arc lasts, because his style fits the story very naturally.

Overall, there was not a lot that happened in this issue. There is a lot of narration and dialogue, and the action does not pick till the second half of the issue. However, the story is unique and the setting is interesting enough to keep you reading even if nothing major is happening, and the art is great. This issue was a joy to read, and I am already looking forward to issue #22.

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