Revo Build Series – Build Your Own Computer Like Lego bricks

Acer has just announced a new PC called the Revo Build series, which starts as a small core and lets you add to it and build it up. The idea is that building computers will become more viable for those of us without all of the technical know-how.

The PC starts as a small core block, and then you can purchase add-ons, which you can connect to the top of the core. Initally Acer is offering add-on blocks with a 500GB hard drive, a 1TB hard drive, a wireless charging dock, a speaker unit, a GPU, a projector, and a microphone. Acer does have plans to roll out more add-on blocks in the future.

The core unit

The idea of a modular PC isn’t entirely new, with Razor showing off a prototype some time ago, however Acer is the first to bring such a device to market.

The first core unit will be available starting this October in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with prices starting at 199 euros (roughly 220USD), and will be available in the US sometime in the future, although when is not sure as of yet.

Do you like the idea of a modular PC? Would it encourage you to build your own PC, or would you much rather leave it to others? Let us know below, and share with your friends and family!

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