Roger Ebert’s Funeral To Be Held In Chicago April 8

Roger Ebert’s Funeral To Be Held In Chicago April 8

The Wrap is reporting that Roger Ebert’s Funeral will be held on April 8, in Chicago, at 10 am.

One of the country’s most famous movie critics, Roger Ebert, passed away at the age of 70 on April 4.

The film critic and Pulitzer Prize winning writer died after a long battle with cancer of both the salivary and thyroid gland.

On April 3, it was reported that Ebert would be on a “leave of presence” to combat cancer yet again. The next day, his wife Chaz Ebert released the following statement: “We were getting ready to go home today for hospice care, when he looked at us, smiled, and passed away. No struggle, no pain, just a quiet, dignified transition.”

Roger Ebert’s funeral service will take place in the Holy Name Cathedral on Chicago’s State Street. It is close to the offices of the Sun Times, where Ebert was a movie critic for over 40 years. Fans are being welcomed to the service, but there is limited seating available.

President Barack Obama paid tribute to Ebert by saying “For a generation of Americans – and especially Chicagoans – Roger was the movies.”

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