Rogers Galaxy S4 & HTC One To Launch On April 19th – Report

Rogers Galaxy S4 & HTC One To Launch On April 19th – Report

U.S Carriers have already made some announcements about the availability, price and expected release date of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Now there’s news for Canadian consumers looking forward to the device, as a new report says Rogers will be launching the handset on April 19th.

Rogers will also be launching HTC One, Galaxy S4’s Android rival, on the same day. This is going to make way for a head-to-head launch day competition.

TechnoBuffalo reports Rogers will sell HTC One for $149, while the Galaxy S4 will be priced at $169. These prices will come bundled with a three-year contract.

However, the carrier hasn’t made anything official, but is expected to make an announcement soon.

Sony’s Xperia Z is also set to launch on Rogers for $99 (on–contract) on April 7-9.

So far, the only official confirmation of Galaxy S4 has been for UK, where it’s going to hit the shelves on April 26.

U.S Cellular will start pre-orders for Galaxy S4 on April 16th, while T-Mobile will have the device in stock on 1st May.

There’s no major HTC One announcement from U.S Carriers so far, except that AT&T will be carrying the 64 GB version exclusively.

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