SaneBox Introduces A New Way To Stay Email Sane

Email accounts are associated with headaches of dealing with large amounts of emails, whether one is sorting through important additions or spam that sneaks in here and there. SaneBox is a new tool for email management that is similar to Gmail’s Priority feature in the inbox. It views users former history of messages from senders and chooses the emails that are thought to be of most importance.

Unlike Gmail’s Priority Inbox, which separates emails into categories such as Important, Starred, Unread and others and puts the most important at the top, SaneBox completely removes messages that it deems unimportant. The messages are moved to a folder labeled @SaneLater that can be accessed whenever users want.

If an important message is moved to the folder, users can put it back into their inbox and SaneBox will remember to prioritize emails from that address in the future. Unlike the Priority Inbox of Gmail, SaneBox features a dashboard that includes customizations such as a timeline graph that shows users the amount of important and non-important emails per day.

Additional SaneBox folders can be created to better manage one’s inbox, such as @SaneBlackHole for items that immediately go into the trash and @SaneNews for newsletters and subscriptions.

SaneBox also features a unique feature that allows users to cc or bcc that asks SaneBox to remind the user if the recipient does not respond. For example, if you need to receive an answer within four days then cc and SaneBox will move the email to the top of your inbox if there has not been a reply within four days. There are many variations for the reminder feature such as 10minutes, August6 and so on.

SaneBox’s services cost $5 per month and works with several email clients including Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Android and iPhone, as well as numerous email services. The only email service it currently does not work with is Hotmail.

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