Savage Dragon #189 Sees The Dragon In Prison

Savage Dragon #189 Sees The Dragon In Prison

The Savage Dragon takes on a prison of hostile enemies

This month’s issue of Savage Dragon was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Erik Larsen continues to write and draw a quality series that is now getting close to two-hundred issues.

This month we get to see the Savage Dragon survive his stay in Federal Prison. While the Savage Dragon fights his enemies in federal prison, his family is dealing with conflicts of their own as Battle Axe causes some serious problems for them.

The Savage Dragon’s stay on Death Row was my favorite part of this issue. There were many entertaining parts, including a priest trying to convince Dragon to be the leader of the church of the Savage Dragon.

However, the best parts of this issue were all the thugs, including Ronald Winston Urass, who appears to be the warden of the prison, coming after the Savage Dragon. However despite their best efforts, they cannot break the Savage Dragon.

The encounter between Dragon and Ronald was especially satisfying.

The other parts of the issue were good too, but a little harder to follow.

We had War Axe attack kill Gertie to take her son back. Malcolm visited his friend in the hospital, and then had an argument with his girlfriend because he had to skip the first meeting with her parents because he had to face off with Battle Axe. Then we saw the deadly encounter between War Hawk and Dart

This is a series that should be read by all comic fans. The series is pretty much Erik Larsen having fun with his own characters, and doing whatever he feels like with them.

The fun and looseness contained within this comic is a breath of fresh air that anyone could use, even if it does get a tad confusing at times.

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